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Insane Humidity

Within the last week or so our temperatures have dropped a great deal, averaging a decrease of about 10 degrees. This may be due to all those storm cells present in the Gulf (none hurricane, thank goodness!) yet at the same time, all those storm cells are causing a great deal of rain. I haven't seen the sun since Sunday, and according to the forecast we won't be seeing it again until likely Monday. It's nice that it has cooled off some, now that fall is upon us. However, what is not cool is the humidity! With all this rain our humidity is through the roof. In fact I sit here indoors, with the A/C on, it's cloudy and gray outside as it lightly rains, and I'm sweating! Of course the A/C is set at 78, and it's only 78 outside, but once you factor in the relative humidity of 84%, the temperature feels closer to 83 degrees. I find this humidity to be insane! I find it insane that I am still so hot after cutting off all my thick, course, hot, hair! All this humidity, sweating, and feeling hot has gotten me so confused. I mean really, how on earth am I to tell that with a relative humidity of 84%, if I am hot and sweaty because of the weather, a hot flash, or a possible fever from infection! Think about it. Here I am, 33 and forced into menopause from surgery, and due to my cancer, I cannot take any type of Hormone Replacement Therapies. In fact, because of my cancer, I have to take medicine that ensures I have no damn hormones - which I honestly think is worse hell than PMS ever was! And I'm sure Ruben would probably agree! But then you also have to take into consideration that from post-surgical complications, and this hole in my chest, I might be suffering from an unknown infection (since I am not on antibiotics) which could be causing me to have a fever that breaks causing me to sweat. It's really driving me mad. One minute I am chilly, the next I am sweating so bad it drips off my face. It's ridiculous! When I see my pain doctor on Thursday I am going to ask his opinion, as I do not see my surgeon till the 3rd - and honestly, deodorant can only help so much, it can not prevent your hair from smelling sour, and one can only shower so many times in one day! I long for cooler, dry weather and an end to all this sweating!

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