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I did it, I finished it! YAY!

Right before midnight last night I read the final page in Rita Cosby's new book. Let me just say I am so unimpressed, I mean really. Nothing at all was shocking - well other than the gay accusations, which I do not believe for a second are true. Cause really if Howard and Larry were lovers, why did he convince Anna to run away from him to the Bahamas? I mean if any of it were true, wouldn't they been in love as well? And why would Larry tattoo Anna on his back. Also, you can't broker a deal for the baby. DNA proved Larry was the father. Howard had nothing to with custody from the point forward. He just doesn't want Virgie to have her because he knew how much Anna hated Virgie, and that she really did love Larry. Howard can't get anything out of the Estate by being the Executor. He waived his fees, and besides that, other than a house and a few other things, Anna had nothing in her trust. Now I don't know if at the base of her financial issues was her drug habit, or if Howie had hidden all that money in off-shore accounts, so he'd be rich later. I also don't know what happened to all that jewelry she had from her late husband that was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. But for all we know she could have hocked it to support her habit. Besides, if anything Howie funneled all this money LONG before Larry was proven to be the daddy. It's not just something you can do overnight! I have my own suspicions, and my own opinions, from what I have read, seen, and heard, I honestly believe that Howie was behind a lot of it, if not all of it - and I hope that it all comes to light one day in a courtroom. But I think that Larry goes along with him because he can't fight. If he removes Howie as executor, then it's his good buddy and attorney Ron Rale who becomes the executor, and if he's removed then it's just another one of their buddies. It's hard to fight something that seems like a never ending battle - and I'm sure that he also fears for his life and that of his daughter. I also don't blame him for suing about the rumours, because that is his good name and image - but lord help him if there is ever any evidence that he went bi. It doesn't even matter if it was on a drunken night in college, if he's ever been with a man (not even if it was Howie), he would never live it down after suing over it. He must be pretty damn confident and sure about it all, cause it looks to be going that way. But anyway, back to the book, other than that one tidbit, everything else is stuff I've already heard. I'm disappointed and want my money back. She calls herself an award winning journalist - HA! What she get, one of those phony little trophies you can buy at Spencer's or something? She's nothing but a tabloid writer and should go work for the National Enquirer. Wait I take that back, even they might be too good for her!
So now I'm on to reading some books written by my favorite author, Mary Higgins Clark. I haven't read a new book of hers in several years, so there are a couple for me to catch up on - and it won't be surprising if they are better than Rita's book. I haven't read a single bad book from Mary, and I've read and own almost all of them.
Other than that, there's nothing new going on around here really. I'm still quite bored. I've noticed that my daily hits have doubled from there norm, and have stayed that way for several days now, yet I hardly ever get any comments. I must have lots of lurkers out there. I signed up for Google Analytics which will help me learn what brings most traffic here. So while here, stop by the comments and say hello!

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Valerie said...

award winning? ha! all she did was print herself out a certifcate online.

haven't read the book, but don't want to. poor woman had enough hell in her life..even if most of it was her own doing. i feel bad for her baby...really.

and - thanks for stopping by - i really appreciate it!