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Whatsa going on around here

It's funny cause I was sitting here thinking what do I put for a title for this entry???? I don't know if any of you have seen Rock of Love with Bret Michaels , but he tends to say the phrase "Whatsa going on" a lot - yes I'm a watcher. Anyway, that's where that came from. So, now on to other things.....
I was sitting here when I realized I hadn't posted since my appointment on Wednesday. I've been a little pre-occupied, which I will get into in a sec.
This is what I learned at my appointment - that the reason he hasn't sewn the wound shut is because he's waiting for it to heal from the inside out. He thinks it should take about a month, which is when I go back to see him. After it has healed, he anticipates cutting me open in a new area, and placing a tissue expander - so, no, he claims he will not make me wait a year to start recon again. Once that expander is in, and I am healing right, THEN he plans on starting my saline injections. So basically I have to wait a month and hope and pray this thing heals right in the meantime, so I can go through surgery again, then I have to hope and pray that it heals with no problems, so that I can start getting injections and grow boobs. Ya follow me? So that's the plan, and I'm all in. My biggest fear is not healing correctly, or having to wait a year - but he assured me that he has no intentions of doing that to me. He won't start the injections now because he doesn't want me to be lop-sided like I have been for the past 2 years. So keep those fingers crossed that I heal up soon!
Now on to the reason I have been pre-occupied. I know I said I would wait to buy it on Ebay or something, but after my appointment, I made Ruben take me to a bookstore so I could buy Blonde Ambition. I know, I am so terrible. I am in the process of reading it now. I'm almost half-way through with it. So far I haven't read anything shocking, but we'll see what happens. I'm also no legal expert, but it seems she covers her ass well. Almost everything she writes is third party info. Kinda like I heard from a friend who heard.....blah, blah, blah. I still hope she gets nailed big time for writing this. I'm all Team Larry and doubt that there is anything she can say or do to change my mind about that - but I haven't gotten to the whole gay sex tape part. So like I said, well see what happens and how this all ends.
I also stopped into an AT&T store about my phone. I haven't bought a new phone yet cause mine suddenly quit acting up - but I did get it all straightened out that if I were to get a new phone, I could just go ahead and sign a new 2 yr. contract and get it for the advertised new 2 yr. contract price. So at least I have options. But I'm going to see how it goes. I may wait it out (as long as it is working fine) and changes services when my current contract is up. I was looking into Helio and it is a damn good deal and an awesome looking phone. So we'll wait and see about that as well.
Other than that all things are good. I have another album I finished "gluing", and need to take photos of it and post them. Natalie is feeling better, but has now gotten Uncle Danny sick. I am still stuck in bed healing and I'm bored (guess that's why I'm reading this book!) - plus I want to stay away from all this cold crap. I don't need to get sick, nor do I want to. Nothing to hinder my healing. I gotta play it safe. It sucks, but once healed and all is said and done and I have those nice big perky boobs I will be happy that I took things easy. So anyway, back to my book. Hopefully I will be done in time to see the VMA's to catch Britney's comeback performance, LOL!

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