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Doodle Dreams

As any scrapbooker knows, Doodling is one of the latest crazes. It's reminiscent of high school, when you spent most of your time doodling on your notebook instead of paying attention in class. I can honestly say I wasn't much of a doodler. I did dabble here and there with it, but did not obsess to the point where all my notebook covers had been doodled on. My guess is because I hung with more of the "stoner" type crowd, we were all about the rock, heavy metal and punk. So even though I did take 2 years of art classes, I wasn't into doodling little hearts and flowers everywhere. But times have changed. While I'm still into rock and stuff, my passion is more for arts and crafts. I love doodling, but doing it on a layout kind of freaks me out - because what if I screw it up and everything is already glued down? That thought there is what keeps me from doodling on most layouts. So to help me perfect my craft, I ordered this awesome new book Doodling For Papercrafters. I so cannot wait to get it. Just looking at the cover gets my creative juices flowing.

Hmmm, I still may not be able to scrap, but maybe I can lay here and doodle in the meantime?

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