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Treading Life

Sorry I haven't blogged the last few days. I had doctors appointments both Thursday and Friday - and devoted much of my evenings to watching season premieres (yes I watched Grey's and I so loved it!) I've also spent plenty of time resting from all the chaos that goes along with seeing my doctors - the driving, traffic, waiting, forms, filling rx scripts. UGH! Currently standing, I already have 5 doctor appointments for October, as well as an appointment at the salon. I'm sure I will likely pick up a few more appointments before October is over.

Oh, I'm also happy to report that we bought all the needed things for Halloween, all kinds of decorations, costumes, and candy to give out even though we won't be here. We ran around shopping today, since our original plan of going to see a movie was shot once we got there and found out that nothing appropriate to see with Natalie was playing. But I think the big news of the day is that, after days of talking with Ruben about exercise and such, it finally hit me, and I broke down and bought a treadmill. Last year Ruben bought a weight machine that works the arms and legs, the year before that we bought an elliptical machine. Ruben had wanted a treadmill, but I insisted on an elliptical, as it had always been my favorite machine at the gym - but now I finally see the benefit of the treadmill......walking in the air conditioning while watching your DVR'd TV shows! We now practically have a home gym (especially with all the Pilate's stuff I've acquired), we just need to start using it! I figure that even IF my plastic surgeon continues to restrict my activities after I see him on the 3rd, that I can still at least walk on my treadmill at a normal pace. It isn't like the elliptical machine that also works the arms, or the weight machine where I fear that lifting weights with my legs may inadvertently cause me to tighten or pull the muscles within my chest. I figure walking is relatively harmless, or at least it is if done for short periods of time through-out the day. Besides, this way I can walk off those pounds they keep pumping into me each time I go into a hospital - especially since I cannot resort to my previous ways of dieting (at least for the time being.) Prior to surgery they gave me this packet of things I could and could not have. It strictly forbade the use of diet pills (both RX and OTC) along with lots of types of herbal supplements. It seems that those things can prevent blood from clotting, and wounds from healing. So I need to get on that treadmill - bad - and if for no other reason so I can at least balance my ice cream addiction! LOL! Oh wait, I forgot that I have to use it to get my moneys worth out of it too. Speaking of money, let me tell you the sweet part. The treadmill was on sale for $699, and to make room for new stock they marked it down 30% - and since it was a floor item we were getting an additional amount off. They agreed on 10% on top of the 30%. So the lady rang it up, not knowing that the computer had already taken off the 30%, she proceeded to give us a 40% discount off the already clearanced price. After all was said and done, we paid less than $320 for it. What a deal, eh? I seriously can't complain about a price like that. So here's to shapelier legs and hips!

This here is my new baby. Ain't she pretty? Now our HUGE bedroom is just a tad cramped!

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