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A long boring Sunday

After I made my post below, very early this morning, I found myself still incapable of sleep. I tossed and turned, walked around the house, spent time sitting and doing various other things, tried laying back down to sleep, and watched as the hours passed. Sometime after 7am I finally actually fell asleep and stayed that way until 10:30. Those few hours being the longest I spent sleeping. I'm not really sure why I am having such difficulties sleeping. It may have little to do with the fact that Ruben has re-joined me in our bed. For the first 6 weeks post-surgery, he slept on an air mattress next to our bed. He was afraid of somehow hurting me during the night, and wanted me to rest comfortably - especially since I experienced complications with my incision. About 2 weeks ago, as my open wound had been healing nicely, I told him that I thought it would be okay to come back to bed. Since then my insomnia has went through the roof. I think I got a little too used to sleeping in the middle of the bed, surrounded by 6 pillows. His movement doesn't disturb me as much as my limited comfort. I cannot sleep on the side I normally do, and not being able to turn-over during the night has caused a great deal of pain with my hips. my incision is doing amazingly well. I return to my plastic surgeon's office on the 3rd. The open wound went from being about the diameter of a quarter or half dollar, to that of a pencil. The wound has pretty much dried up, as I am no longer leaking fluids. I've actually been feeling pretty good except for lingering tenderness in the area. I'm hoping to get stitches when I see the doc, along with the okay to resume some level of activity shortly after. Of course that all depends on when I will get to go back into surgery to have another tissue expander placed. I understood that as soon as I healed, he would attempt surgery again by going through a new incision - but Ruben understood it that I would have to wait 6 weeks after healing before he would go back in. I sure hope it's not going to be another 6 weeks. I wanted to wrap up all my surgeries this year since I've already met the yearly $750 out of pocket fee I have to pay. Oh well, guess it will all get straightened out on the 3rd. The important part is that I have healed okay. For now I'm going to kick back, relax, and either find something good on TV to watch or try to take a nice little nap!

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