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Extended Stay

Once again, for the 2nd time now, my brother in law has decided to stay longer. Originally he was set to leave and go back to Vegas 8/26. Then he changed it to 9/22. Now he's not leaving till 11/03. Really I don't mind, he helps out A LOT around here. He cooks (some - mainly just fried rice and stir-fry), he cleans, and he helps out with both the hubby and my daughter. It's great to have him here since I am limited to what I can and can't do. Also, if I go back into surgery next month, him staying longer will remedy the problem of a potential childcare issue. Besides, I know Ruben is really loving having his brother around. It's been so hard on all of us to move here and leave behind all our friends and family. The only downside is that I rarely get my husband to myself. They spend most nights playing stupid computer games, so he's not available when I want to cuddle up and watch TV. Hope that all changes soon as the fall TV schedule is about to kick off - but if not, don't think I'll be waiting for his ass to watch Grey's Anatomy. As it is, I have already given up on waiting for him to watch Weeds & Californication. Those are 2 of our favorite new shows, especially now since Entourage and Big Love have ended for the season. It appears that Showtime might have some other good shows as well that we'll have to check out. But speaking of all of our fave shows, it reminds me that I need to clear out the DVR in preparation of the new season.
Man I love this time of year. Halloween is around the corner and Danny will be here to experience first hand the party that consumed Harahan's Imperial Wood & Colonial Country Club subdivisions. Now we just all need to find our costumes. I'm not having much luck finding things for Big & Tall. Danny's lost a lot of weight and is a beanpole now, but he's still over 6 feet tall. Ruben's got the same problem, except for the beanpole part - he's a big boy. We can't be having cloaks or robes that barely cover their knees, since they are far from "standard size" or the stupid "one size fits most" crap. I need to find out what Natalie wants to be this year. She is running out of Disney Princess costumes to wear, as there are only 1 or 2 left that she hasn't been I think. Honestly, I would like for us to go as an ensemble. Nothing wrong with a little matching, but men never see it that way. It will be interesting to see what I can find to fit us 4. I can't wait and I certainly hope that I am feeling up to being out and about. Keep your fingers crossed!

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