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It's NEVER too early!

While playing with Flickr Toys to make the Mosaic I posted previously, I found a link for making Breast Cancer Posters. Of course this is still somewhat early as Breast Cancer Awareness Month isn't until October. But with being a BC Survivor and all, I cannot express enough that it is NEVER too early to check for breast cancer, and in the very least once a year is not acceptable.

While there are many fun things that you can do with your photos there, I took this time to make several Breast Cancer Posters - as I will be reminding you through-out October to be aware and do self exams, as well as annual exams. You can never be too safe! Early detection is key! In the meantime, I will share with you one I made from a picture of my mother and I when we participated in the 2005 Race For The Cure in Las Vegas. I miss my mother dearly, and cherish the memories and pictures of us together during this time when I had been going through chemotherapy.

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