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My current pain level has finally come down

Sorry I've been MIA for about a week now. Nothing much has been going on other than going to the surgeon's office Tuesday for my 3rd saline injection - this time I remembered my camera, but I won't be posting the pictures here. So anyway, let me tell you that these injections hurt more than I even know how to describe. I left there feeling ok, but once to the car I was not feeling well at all. So I sat there and rested and hoped the feeling would pass, so I could drive home. After about 30 minutes or so it did, and I was on my way, but not long after that is when the really painful part begun. It started hurting so bad I wasn't sure what was going on, it seemed to move about and spasm only on the left side. I started to feel as if I might pass out or possibly hyper-ventilate, but all I wanted to do was get home before the pain got any worse. Now keep in mind that I took a full dose of pain meds 30 minutes prior to my appointment, and I don't take sissy medication, I'm talking real, hard-core, opiod based pain releiver - so to be in SO much pain after only 2 hours is astounishing to me, since my meds didn't even reach "half-life". To help sub my meds I've also been taking my prescribed muscle relaxers, as well as trying Motrin and Tylenol. I've even gone as far as to use ice packs and heating pads - and so far no help. I'm going to have to talk with my pain managment doc and ask what is up, cause I can't bear so much pain that it hurts just to move! Anyway, my doctor asked me to massage and try to "push" my left expander down where it should be, as right now it is kinda high, close to the collarbone. But "pushing" it downwards has been no easy task, as I don't even know where or how to begin - especially since it hurts so much! Luckily I don't have to go back next week to see him. First off I think I need an off week to stretch some more before going back. Also, next week is what is referred to as Mardi Gras around here - My daughter is out of school, some of the smaller, more locally owned places close down for a few days here and there to enjoy the parades. So I'm glad I will be having this time inbetween to recover, as my pain level is still quite high. The last few days are kind of a haze, as I'm one who sleeps through the pain when I can - especially after I take my meds. Even today I sit here with a heating pad on, getting ready to take my nighttime meds and go to bed.

I hope to feel better soon as I have worked out all the arrangements with Ruben's co-worker. I bought the albums I needed before my doctors appointment Tuesday. I took some "before" pictures and sent them to her. She was so excited she even agreed to pay me more than my asking price. I'm in awe - but thinking back, I probably would've charge anyone else more! I will post some work in progress pictures, as well as the finished product when done.

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