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Spell Check

I'm just curious if anyone else using Blogger is experiencing problems using their spell check?

For quite some time now (probably this whole month.) I have been unable to use spell check and it's really begun to tick me off. As I'm sure you've read there are many times I make spelling errors, cause some nights I type in the dark with just a small night stand type light on. It's hard to see these little keys on the laptop when dark. I think that they should light up like the DVD function keys do.

Anyway, if you are having problems, let me know. I'd like to know if it has happened to others, or if this is just a "me" only problem. LOL.

Also, it seems I will be spending some more time in my scrap studio finishing the organization of it all. I still have mountains of stickers, stamps, and emblies that I have to find a way to organize. I also need to check the sewing machines to make sure they both survived the move and work. I have tons of "in progress" pix I took, that I will post once the room is really in working order. That way I can just post them all at once. But I noticed yesterday that I have an abundance of space, which don't get me wrong, is wonderful - it's just the whole where do I put stuff cause I have so many places and so much room for it all. And if that's not enough, just wait until I actually go through ALL my stamps, paper, and sticker. I have SO many duplicates that I will have to unload some either by ebay or RAK's (random acts of kindness - for those of you that don't scrap.)
Yeah I know, the thought of me and random acts of kindness doesn't sound quite right, but hey, hate to break it to ya, but I can't quite possibly be a bitch 365 days a year - gotta be nice some of the time!
But I'm super excited that finally after months of procrastination, I was able to get most of the work done with the help of my wonderful hubby.....and now he knows far more than he's ever wished about scrapbooking. But now he's helped all he could, the rest is up to me, cause otherwise he might just throw the shit out - but then again he also got a real good feel for approximately how much money has went into that room supply wise, in the form of paper, stickers, punches and stamps. And in an off moment, while taking a break, I caught him using some of my punches to see the shapes they make on paper. It was so funny. He quickly tore up the paper once I caught on to what he was doing. He wanted to get rid of any evidence of him playing with "girlie stuff."
But it's going to take me a lot of motivation to get my ass in there and finish the job, and with Ruben being at work and Natalie being off at school, it will both be an easy and hard task to accomplish. But then again, I'm not scheduled to get any injections this week either. I'm still trying to decide if I should call my surgeon's office and ask to do it this week (or find out if this week was off because he's out of the office.) I also have an appointment on Friday with my pain management doctor. Nothing big, just my monthly visit. I want to go over all my meds with him so I don't have to fear a lethal combination ala Heath Ledger. The visit is also part of the reason I want injections this week - so he can see me in pain, cause these meds while they handle my regular pain, they do ablsolutely nothing to even remotely touch the pain I get the first week after an injection. And that pain is only going to get worse from here on out, as the bigger my new boobs get, the more it will hurt. I don't know how many more injections I will have, but I'd say I'm about a small B not and I'm going to a full D/small DD. I mean hell, if you're going to do it, do it right and go big!. But that's just me - I'd look kind of funny with a DD chest but only weigh 100 lbs. Even when I was in high school I never was skinny, I was average - not skinny, but not fat. Playing softball for 2 years probably had a lot to do with that athletic build.
Of course considering that I've been up since 4am, maybe I should have gotten on the treadmill instead of doing this post. But also, if it's in my head and I don't get it out while it's there, I soon lose it and forget what it was I was ever planning on saying. That's got to be the worst side effect of chemo - inless it's ealry onset of Alzheimer's, which I hope to god it isn't!

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