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Game Room Redone

Every since the Game Room TV crapped out on us, we had to purchase a new TV which ended up being a 61" Panasonic that ended up replacing the one in the Living Room, a 57" Mitsubishi, which has since become the Game Room TV. Originally the Game Room had a 48" RCA HD Widescreen that was about 5 years old. With the new TV in there, Ruben has been all about organizing the game area - making a place to display all of our guitars from either Guitar Hero (we have 2 for the GHIII on Wii, 2 for GHII/GHIII on the XBox 360) or Rockband (we currently have 1, but are looking for another - in fact we thought we found one, but it ended up being the wrong platform.) So anyway, Ruben is all proud of himself and his display - you'd think he was an actual musician. Which is funny cause we've talked about getting a real guitar, that's how much we are enjoying the games, and Natalie says she'd like one. That's my lil girl!

Now while he did a great job with the room, I'll be more excited when he finishes my dining room, or even remodeling the bathrooms!

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