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Looks like I may be heading back under the knife:

Went to see my surgeon today for another injection of saline. It seems that during all this time of trying to "push" my left expander downward and to the left has failed. Instead it has somehow shifted more to my right. Since I don't want a uni-boob and my surgeon wants to avoid that at all costs, depending on how my next visit is, he may have to schedule me for a day surgery, so he can make a pocket and place that expander where it should be. We also discussed why that side has been hurting me so much. It's mostly caused by the expander pushing against fresh scar tissue, in an effort to stretch the skin - the rest is just growing pains. I think that when he takes me back in, he plans to remove this area of dead hard tissue I have, that is near my original incision site. We also discussed how much saline I currently have in my expanders. According to his calculations they are both over 700, my left neing smaller than my right. He says that my right is currently at a size D, but for some reason it does not even look close to what I had imagined! I guess when it doesn't droop from pregnancies it just doesn't seem the same. I think I am really sold now on a DD, as I had envisioned bigger breasts. He wants to make sure that these expanders can hold that much without a problem. He mentioned before that they can go to 1000, but idealy they hold about 750 cc's. I hope that they can withstand at least one more good injection - I mean since I can't have my original breasts, then I want to make sure that I have exactly what I want - cause once this is done, there's no going back - and they're not like real breast that go up and down whenever you gain or lose weight. So I just want to make sure that I am 100% happy with them. I think that after nearly 3 years of what I've gone through I deserve at least that. He didn't really push a whole lot in the left side this visit, so while it may hurt now, it hopefully won't hurt me all week like the last injection did. Wish me luck!

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