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We're Going to Monster Jam!

It's been approximately 5 years since we (Ruben & I) have been to see Monster Jam. When we lived in Vegas we went on 3 different occasions, the last was with my friend Sonia, her husband Josh, and his two younger brothers. Natalie's never been to see one, as we always thought she was too young - and it would be too loud. But at 8 we feel that she is old enough, and that it, along with the Pit Party it would be something she would really enjoy as she is such a tomboy and Daddy's Girl.

The even is being held inside the Super Dome, which should be interesting! I've never seen it in an indoors venue. I'm sure it will be VERY loud - and the fumes will be something that gets even those of us with good seats high as a kite!

I can't wait until the 23rd for it! It's been 2 years since it was last here, and it seems that the good seats went pretty quickly. I ended up having to buy our seats on The only seats I could find available through Ticket Master were those up in the nosebleed section! So needless to say our seats cost us a pretty penny, but it will be worth it!

Here's a picture of a picture from the last time Ruben & I went in '03 with our friends. It's not the best, but I didn't want to scan it in. Good friends and good times. I miss moments like these!

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