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I admit, I'm addicted!

The first step to recovery is admitting when you have a problem - Well mine began January 5th of this year. That would be the day Natalie had her birthday party, and while the gift had been bought before Christmas, it was one of those gifts that wasn't just for her.

First off let me just say that I didn't start it, Ruben did. He played for weeks before I was ever even curious. Then one day he told a story about a conversation that he and a co-worker had. It had me intrigued. I've always been the rocker - he wasn't even all that into rock music until he met me, and now his musical influence has inflicted itself upon me as well. So seeing that there was only one Guitar, and Wii doesn't sell individual guitars either, I ran off and bought a whole new Guitar Hero III, just so I could play too. Why should he get all the fun? I have to admit, that even on easy, mastering your first song is quite hard. I tried Barracuda about 7 times and we still never finished, yet some song I never even heard of I ran through in just one take. I have to give props to all them guitarists out there, they have mad skills, cause I can barely make 92% using just three fingers! I joked with Ruben that it's not funny for him to make fun of my "abilities" - I'm white, I have no rhythm. Guess that is why I BOMBED on Rockband. Oh I so thought I could rock the drums. I grew up with a brother who played drums half my life. I spent many nights baked in his garage listening to him play. I though talent might have run in the family, seeing that he's only had 3 lessons his whole life. Man was I WRONG. I sucked! First you gotta figure out color, then there's the bass - 4 drumheads and a pedal whopped my ass. But I can't keep time. What can I say, I'm also blonde underneath the red and the highlights.
But while I haven't given Rockband a second thought, I just may once the 2nd guitar gets here for that. Apparently it's not available for individual sale either, so Ruben bought one on Ebay, which is where we will be selling our extra copy of Guitar Hero III. We played tonight at my recommendation. Natalie wanted to try it, but gave up and complained when she saw how hard it was. Then she pouted cause it was her birthday present - that and Rockband, so we are like so the bad parents, LOL! So we quite for awhile to play Carnival Games, and they made me laugh so hard at something that I can't even recall at the moment, that soda came out my nose. My god, think about when that last happened to you. It was so not funny! but after playing a couple rounds, we (or I should say I) were like begging kids asking her, can we play now. She finally gave up on us and went to bed, which allowed us to officially "beat" the easy version. Now we must master our song list, so we can move up to medium and not get our asses handed to us. I was telling Ruben that at one point my wrist was hurting so bad I was starting to think that I might have to have Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery again. I can just see explaining to the doctors how after already having the procedure, my wrist got worse.....uh, I was, I, uh, it's from playing Guitar Hero. He'd think I was nuts. Just like I am for being up this late. Oh man I'll be asleep till 2! And tomorrow is Fat Tuesday, so Happy Freakin' Mardi Gras baby! I'm going to bed now.....and what the ef is up with the spell check, it hasn't worked my last 3 posts!

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