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So much to post about today....

First off - my new look! I'm still tweaking it some (the layout, colors, etc.) BUT Melissa made time in her SUPER busy schedule to squeeze in the task of making a banner for my site. How do you like it? I SOOOOO LOVE IT! I'm all about the pink, black, distressed, grunge, tattoo look - so this banner fits me to a tee! However it did not fit my previous layout, so the tweaking began and probably will continue till I feel as though I have the colors "just right."

I'm also sure you've noticed a change in names. Hope, Strength, Courage was more for my days when I was going through chemo. Now that I am in the reconstruction phase, I'm Reconstructing Life and all that is in it - more of a trying to put the pieces back together, and slowly I am getting there. It's for sure that I am having surgery on Tuesday, just don't know what time I have to be at the hospital yet. And I'm still not sure what all is being done, but it will be a day surgery and he will be performing surgery on both sides - so wish me luck!
Oh, and of all the times, we will be having visitors just days after my surgery - but I wouldn't miss it for the world! It's Natalie's godmother Cecy & her hubby Mario. They will be stopping here, among many places, as they vacation from California! It will be great to see them, and if I'm not up to it, Ruben can still take them around town while I rest.

We spent most of the day Saturday at the SuperDome for Monster Jam. Even though I paid an insanely ridiculous amount for the tickets (cause we didn't buy them early and I was forced to use - so the mark up was nearly 4 times the amount of the original price!) it was still worth the price we overpaid. We had awesome seats, that were at the perfect level. Just wish the people sitting behind us had been as nice as the seats! You know how you cheer and yell when one of the trucks crash, or for your favorite truck? Well this girl had this scream that made you turn around each time, and the more she did it the more you just wanted to punch her! She had this scream like something was wrong, like she was being attacked - not cheering on a Monster Truck Rally. It became so overwhelmingly annoying that I had to shove paper towels in both Natalie's ears and mine! You'd think that would be a clue for her to maybe tone it down some - that maybe her parents should have said something to her. But no, she continued to scream till my eardrums bled!
But other than annoying people in the stands, it was a very awesome event that sold out. There were lots of good crashes, wheels & body parts flying off, air time and destruction - not to mention lots of souvenirs, hot dogs, nachos, pretzels, nuts, fries, and drinks. All your basic stadium junk food! But that's all part of the experience - and we learned that Natalie is a Digger Girl. We didn't even mention truck preferences, or our personal faves - she just decided on her own out of nowhere that SHE liked GraveDigger. It's kind of funny, cause I thought she'd like Monster Mutt after seeing it, but nope - as she said, not impressive! LOL! The things kids say! She had a great time, but was TIRED by night's end. We didn't get home till nearly midnight. There was one idiot and his car full of friends that though he'd stand in front of Ruben's truck to stop him so his friend could forcibly back out of the packed parking garage. Dude so not cool. If you're nice about something, then no biggie being nice and doing the right thing - but if you're an ass, don't count on getting you're way, not with us. Ruben pulled right up against him, leaving his friends no room to back out. The guy got all mouthy - obviously some boys who had too much to drink at the event. Words were exchanged, but they didn't get out in front of us. Idiots. It's a shame that events like this bring them out by the dozen!

Anyway, I posted 400 photos from the event over on Flickr. Got some really great ones. Hell we had 3 cameras with us! Below are some of us, hope you enjoy them!

Oh YAY!!! Spell check is working again!!!

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