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Cleaning Day

Today the hubby and I are trying to organize my scrap studio (FINALLY!) so I can get to work on the 3 albums I'm making for his co-worker, and also start on my circle journal for my scrap group. It sucks, but needs to be done so I can use the sewing machine and know where my shit is - although I am not going through everything. Organizing the paper and stuff will have to come at a later date.

Anyway, the reason I took a break was to post this clip of Robot Chicken from Adult Swim. This is not a program Ruben or I watch. It is a program that comes on late nights on Cartoon Network, and Natalie is strickly forbidden to watch CN after certain hours. We happened upon the show Friday night after watching AI on the DVR. Luckily it happened to be a good episode. I laughed so effing hard. I can't beleive that Seth Green is the man behind this madness. It is definitely NSFW, but worth the view as you will laugh your ass off, so enjoy!

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