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Back Under the Knife

Don't know all the details yet, but it looks like I will be heading back into surgery next week on the 26th. I have some alignment issues with the left side - plus I need my current expanders swapped out for larger ones. I also need bigger pockets made to hold the breast, and at some point I will have some tissue and/or muscle added as the largest size implants are only 85o cc's. I'm currently a little over 700 on each side, the bigger one being my right which perfectly fits a C cup - and since I am aiming for much bigger boobs, I will need a little more than the implants to get me there. You see most women who get implants already have some breast tissue to build upon, but I have none, plus my implants will be placed below the muscle, which tends to take away from the size just a bit. I'm not sure what all he's planning on doing this time around, or what time I go in for the procedure - just that it's next Tuesday and will be at Oschner of the few hospitals I really like. I will be sure to update once I know more!

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