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A newfound love & respect for Ellen

I'm not an Ellen watcher, but I think I might be now. Ruben recorded her Mardi Gras Special, which was titled as the Super Fat Tuesday show, as Mardi Gras falls on Fat Tuesday.

Not sure if you ever knew this, I know I didn't, but New Orleans is actually Ellen's hometown.......and not just that, but since Katrina, she has raised over $766,000 for Brad Pitt's Make it Right Foundation, which is helping to rebuild New Orleans by providing 150 energy efficient homes in the 9th District - the area which suffered the most hurricane damage.

Anway, after watching the show and learning all about the projects Ellen has participated in, in an effort to rebuild this city, neither Ruben or I could keep a dry eye. It's great to see people doing so much to help others HERE, in America - not off building schools in South Africa when there are plenty of schools here that were never re-opened!
So below is a clip from her show. Enjoy and check this out when you get a chance....she had the advert on the show, which is on the website and it is just so funny, you can't make shit like that up!

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