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Stupid Cupid

I'm participating in this round of circle journals with a group of girls I met online, the group being The Dirty Rotten Scrappers. Scrapper who want to scrap life's other events, not just birthdays, weddings, births or every day events. Stories that don't usually get told, like wild things you once did. So for Valentine's we decided to do Stupid Cupid - it's kind of like a Secret Santa but in February. Aside from buying crafty gifts under the $10 minimum, we also had to hand-make a Valentine's card, and ship the items out by today. I worked on my card Sunday after all the family issues I had. Sometimes crafts are just a great way of working things out, although I really got my aggression out playing Guitar Hero. Anyway, after making my card, I packaged up my gift and dreaded going to the post office. I wasn't planning on going on when Ruben reminded me that I can buy and print postage from USPS online. Thankfully I caught the mail carrier Monday and saved myself that trip! Although I posted some pictures on Flickr already, I hadn't had the chance to post about my works of art...LOL. So behold my creation. What do you think?

Damn, this spell check still ain't working! Um, HELLO Blogger dudes, fix this shit cause it's annoying!

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