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Mardi Gras Birthday Fun

Saturday we rushed off to catch to a parade down on St. Charles Ave. where some of the most beautiful homes in New Orleans are. And by time we got home I was too exhasted to finish my post from Saturday, so here goes.......We ended up catching two parades - The Krewe Of Ponchatrain & Shangrai La. We then went to Crazy Johnnie's Steak House. I had two different Lemon Drop Martini's (as nether really tasted all that great, or the way they should). When it came time for the cake to be brought out, everyone started singing - and I MEAN everyone, as in the whole restaurant, I felt my face starting to turn bright red. I hate moments like that! Afterwards as we were trying to manuver between back streets as Veterns was closed as parades where getting ready to begin, we came upon a Barnes & Noble bookstore and decided to stop. As we missed Natalie's last bookfair at school, I had been promising to buy her some books - and now for future knowledge I know that bookfairs are the cheaper route! Being a bit tipsy as I was, I stumbled around the bookstore and happened across some scrapbook items. They weren't on sale or anything, but I snatched them up just the same. From there we once again worked our way through the backstreets till we finally found Clearview. It just so happens that Clearview takes you past a Best Buy and I wanted to stop as I needed a new SM card for the camera I received as a gift. While there we picked up Monster Jam for the 360, a skin for our Rockband guitar, a digi-scrap cd-rom, a scrap font cd-rom, and some headphones I had been eyeing for a while. SkullCandy. Ruben wasn't too sure about the headphones, as he has Bose headphones and swears by them. But I spoke with an employee there that said that they were equally as great as Bose, and if we didn't like them I could return them. The model I purchased were the SkullCrusher, which has an inculded "Bass Amplified Subwoofer" that you just put a battery in, turn on, and listen as the headphones vibrate against your ears. I really like them, and I think Ruben was equally as impressed with them. The cancel out noise quite well, and get pretty loud. Not bad for only $67. Bose ones run about $140. Besides, I just love the little pictures of skulls on them. After Best Buy we headed home, and played some video games. I could have done without the games, as I myself am not a gamer - but it was nice cozying up in the game room with a roaring fire and the family. Kinda made for a perfect birthday - and we got LOTS of goodies from the parades, even though we had a few problems with others trying to snatch stuff out of our hands. But that there is Mardi Gras, so what are you to do.

Almost forgot, I wore my pedometer on our trek from the car to our Parade spot - round trip I took nearly 7,000 step, which is close to 2.5 miles. Man did my feet hurt after that!

I posted lots of pix on Flickr. Enjoy!

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