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More of What's On My Mind......

  • Today is my last day of being 33, uh. I know tomorrow is just "another" day, but aging really sucks - at least there will be cake and a dinner I won't have to cook.
  • Considering the fact that my birthday is tomorrow it reminds of how every birthday my mom used to call me first thing in the morning - sometimes at 4:52 am (the time I was born) to tell me Happy Birthday and it hurts so much to think that she's not here to make that call anymore.
  • Even though tomorrow is my birthday we may catch one of the first parades of this year's Mardi Gras. A co-worker of Ruben's will be in the parade throwing items and has asked us to come. I think being showered with beads and gifts will be an excellent way to kick off my birthday!
  • Supposedly Angelina Jolie is pregnant again, this time with twins - uh, this makes me feel ill. She talks about her daughter, Shiloh, as though she were diseased. So why bother?
  • According to Wikipedia, it was announced today that a few interim agreements have been made regarding the Writer's Strike. Talks will continue all weekend, but many critics believe the strike may be over within two weeks. YAY! About effing time!
  • Last night I was telling my husband how I love that this blog has brought me in touch with women all around the country who have fought or are battling cancer. I love the positive feedback I have been receiving and I am so glad that my story has helped others! He said to me, well wasn't that the whole purpose? I honestly had never thought about it, I just wanted to get it out there, and have a journal of everything I went through. I'm so glad I did!
  • I am so sick and tied of my hair. It seems that it has just stopped growing! I talked with a person about getting hair extensions, which I so badly want - But when I brought it up to the hubby and told him it would cost about $1000 ($500 for the labor and $50 each pack of hair, so it depends on how much I would need) he nearly hit the roof. Men just don't understand sometimes. Anyone wanna help a sista out and make donations to my "Honey I need Hair Fund" - let me know and I'll give you my Paypal account information. LOL!
  • It's cold and rainy again and I am so tired of it! I hope the sun comes out soon! In fact pray for sun!
  • One thing to warm me up are these pix of Ashton looking hot, he should definitely do more his undies! (oh and that link is to a homosexual website, so be forewarned!)
  • I so love this. Joel Madden boasting about his new baby girl and making the cutest little baby items! He's even rocking the Gucci diaper bag!
  • I could really go for a "Girls Night Out". God I wish my friend Joanna lived right around the corner! Maybe I should start a "Send me to Vegas Fund" LOL!
  • Almost forgot the BEST part of all! One of Ruben's co-workers wants me to make 3 scrapbook albums for her to give as gifts for Mother's Day - and she's going to PAY ME! WOOT! I'm sooooooo excited. It's almost as good as getting published!

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