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It's like sleeping on a cloud....

It's no big secret that I suffer from horrible muscle, bone and joint pain - and my husband suffers from back pain every since he was rear-ended on his birthday in 2004. Sometime over 2 years ago, while my husband was away on business he spent the evening at a hotel that had a featherbed on top of the mattress. He came home with the idea of getting one for our bed to help with the pain. Since then we've always had one and it has been wonderful. However, since then there have been several accidental spills, so I decided to get a new one since I'm not sure how to clean it. This time I wasn't taking any chances - I ordered 2, plus a waterproof mattress protector from My order arrived on Saturday, and I couldn't wait to get them on the bed. I put the 2 new ones under the old one, as I am hoping to keep it by finding a way to have it cleaned, possibly dry cleaned. OMG! Having 3 of these 5" baffle featherbeds on top of the bed is so heavenly! I slept so well last night. My bed stands so tall now I can hardly get on top of it! It was quite tall to begin with. I'm glad it showed up when it did, as Ruben and I are both sick with a cold now, so having the extra comfort is much needed right now. I hope I'm better by Tuesday - that's when I go back to my surgeon's office for my 2nd saline injection. My left side is feeling better, though still tight feeling to the touch. but either way I'm so looking forward to it.

So my birthday is on Saturday (the 26th) with our 8th wedding anniversary following just 4 days later. Not sure what we'll do yet for either occasion. If we can find a sitter, I'd love to go see Sweeney Todd, but we'll see. We're not counting these dates as anything big, as I'm not all that excited about turning 34 (it's just another day) and Ruben is already talking about having another 5 diamond wedding band made to match my current band for our 10th anniversary - so I'll have a band on each side of my wedding ring, each with 5 diamonds to symbolize 10 years, but I still have 2 years till I can look forward to that! It's tough when these date come right after Christmas, plus when you just go out and buy whatever you want when you want who needs presents, right? Just another reason why they're no biggie. I don't even want gifts for either, just a nice dinner I don't have to cook and of course cake! Well I'm off to rest, my head feels about ready to explode! Hope your holiday weekend wasn't spent sick like mine!

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