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Keeping On Track

Here I am sitting in my Scrap Studio doing my best to try and stay on track. I want to do something creative, but don't know where to begin. Guess you could say I am having a creative block right now. I have so many projects piled up. For starters I suppose with an unorganized studio it's hard to be creative when all you see is clutter! Maybe the hubby can help me get this area cleaned up this weekend - although Cynthia is really the person for the job. She so neatly organizes paper by color, manufacturer, pattern, etc. She really is a pro at it, while I still have boxes and containers neck high of items I need to either put away, gift via RAK, or just throw out! I keep buying and buying, but I have neither used nor put away the items I've ordered lately.

Usually I'm on my laptop in my bedroom, but today I decided to come in here, maybe do a couple cards or something. First I started by opening the huge stack of Cricut cartridges I recently purchased. I lucked out one day and found them on sale online, and the more you bought the cheaper they were - plus my local Wal-Mart started carrying the machine and cartridges, which did not help!
I now have George; DoodleType; Accent Essentials; All Mixed Up; Stamped; Cutting Up; Tear Drop; DoodleCharms; Tags, Bags, Boxes & More;Beyond Birthdays; Fab Finds; Paper Pups; Base Camp; Opposites Attract; Walk in My Garden; and Alphalicious. Plus I also have a couple paper pads, and the new Color Cartridges.
Now you can somewhat see why I'm having so many problems - I can't decide what to use or where to start. I'm in need of inspiration, so I think I'll be browsing Flickr later. Also not helping matters is the fact that I went to plug in my fan, and was scared half to death by one of our friendly little lizard friends. He ran off too fast before I could catch him, and his blending abilities didn't help the matter.
I don't mind them lizards too much. I'd rather them be out than in - just for the sake of thinking about what might happen when you sleep, though I've never seen one in my room! Anyway, I don't mind them because lizards eat bugs (not that we have a bug problem as we subscribe to monthly pest control) and like in Hawaii geckos are like a sign of good luck. You don't kill them. When I can catch them I usually just put them to rest outside on the patio. I don't believe in harming them. But those little suckers can find their way back in almost anywhere as they can squeeze in the smallest gap. Did you know those little suckers also can re-grow their tails? Ewww, but I just keep telling myself a home with lizards is a home free of pests. I've saved many, as I have caught a few indoors. Imagine if Lexie had gotten a hold of it before I did. Again, ewww! The lizards aren't the only little buggers I have to be on the lookout for. There are tons of little frogs down here and they like to stick to the window on the door and wait till you open it then jump in. In the summer you can actually hear all the frogs, which tend to sound almost like a goat or something.
Ok, anyway, back to staying on track. Last night I got on the treadmill and walked at a good speed and incline for half of Gossip Girl. My toe was killing me, but I wanted to make sure that I did SOME. I didn't wear my regular walking tennis shoes, since my foot hurt so much, so instead I wore these little slippers I recently bought that resemble ballerina shoes. They were comfy and not too restrictive on my toe - and they do have a skid resistant sole. I've also been in keeping with drinking less soda, which might explain the headache right now! I've also been trying to stay conscience in what else I drink, as my favorite drink (besides soda) vitamin water is just as full of calories as soda is! It's kind of weird but I have been drinking some of that master cleanse drink - the one you mix water, lemon juice, maple syrup & cayenne pepper. I'm not drinking it alone, or drinking it as a replacement to food - I'm just adding it to what I drink and lowering my intake of other stuff. It's just when you take a chemotherapy agent daily along with all the other meds I take, I'm drinking it to clean out the toxins in my body so I'm not always so tired/worn out (which is a known effect of the whole chemo & cancer stuff) The thing is that as long as I am on this drug, which will be another 3 years, I'll never really be able to cleanse my body from the effects of chemo. Oh well I've survived this long with it all.

Last night after watching Gossip Girl, which is one of my favorite new shows - I caught an episode of Cashmere Mafia. I think I missed the 1st episode of the show, but after last night's viewing I think I'm in love! It's not a show based on anything Candice Bushnell wrote, like Sex & The City was - but I think that it is done by the same producer. We'll see how Lipstick Jungle compares. As for tonight I am so looking forward to the return of Grey's Anatomy. I know they are running out of episodes due to this whole writer's strike. Arrrg! It makes me so angry. Come on people, get it together! We want our favorite shows back!!!!
Well I gotta run, Natalie was supposed to be home 10 minutes ago! Guess doing something creative is out for today.

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