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It's Times like This....

Not much time to blog today - I have an appointment with my surgeon for what will HOPEFULLY be my first (of many) saline injections - YAY! So keep your fingers crossed that the injections get done today and it's not just another post-op check-up!

In other news, I'm really kicking myself right about now! I have this wonderfully awesome opportunity to get paid to MAKE a scrapbook for someone my hubby works with. The reason I want to kick myself is because back in 2005 when I made this gorgeous custom 8x8 Classic Pooh Album for my friend Joanna, I half-assed it and took photos of the pages while in the book, in the sheet protectors. I recall that at the time I was running late to meet with a friend, so I just quickly took some pictures so I could post then online. I meant to go back and scan each page one by one, but never got the chance as I had just barely finished the album in time to give it to her for Christmas. Now I really wish I had original scans of the pages, as pictures of pages in protectors cannot compare at all - although it will have to do as it is all I have and cannot ask Joanna to scan the pages for me as she has already started placing her photos and jotting down the journaling. It's kind of funny cause in the pictures I took, you can see where I took little sticky tabs and wrote picture with arrows, so Joanna would know where to place the picture and how it should be orientated.
I have so many thoughts swirling in my head. I can't even get my own crap scrapped (of course I need to finish that room once and for all - catch that pesky lizard - and print tons of pictures as I have spent nearly the last 2 years digital!) My biggest problems are what to charge for such a job, and what kind of album? Jo was easy cause her nursery had been in Classic Pooh and I found the album set on clearance - which did not come with enough paper to even cover the sheets in the book, so I had to get creative on how I used the pattern paper and since I could not find any other paper that matched (or came close!) I used some fabric I bought from Joann's. I put a lot of time planning out that album - and I'm so excited to think that someone else wants my services, even when I can't get published or become a design team member (although you would have to actually complete and submit work for stuff like that!)
once I get the info and see what I can find, I will keep you posted. What a great opportunity for me. Oh, I'll also post later how the doctor's visit is!

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