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Not a whole lot to post about this week other than another successful saline injection at the doctors office on Tuesday, and a bunch of random rambling thoughts.

  • After nearly 2 weeks of unseasonably cold weather, the sun finally came out Tuesday to warm things up to 71, since then it's been back in the 50's but supposedly we'll hit 75 on Monday and I am so looking forward to it! I'm tired of being cold and I'm ready for spring!
  • Had my 2nd round of injections this week which proved to be way more painful than the first, due to this very weird painful sensation on my left side. It also left me more lopsided as my right took more saline than my left. But so far the results can be seen and at this rate it won't be long till I'm ready to have these expanders swapped out. I go back next Tuesday for more.
  • The idea of gathering forms in preparation of tax season has me terrified and so far has me anxiety ridden that we may owe money this year - though I do tend to think that every year, but this year has me especially afraid....(not enough deductions on our part I think)
  • I have really been digging sliced apples lately!
  • I'm really bummed that I didn't get involved in this whole 365 Day Challenge thing on Flickr - but then again, I never knew about it till I saw it on Melissa's blog.
  • Yesterday was our monthly pest control service, which really screwed up my afternoon cause awhile after he left I sliced up an apple, walked upstairs to my scrap studio to grab something, saw the lizard that I've been trying to catch for the past 2 weeks, jumped, spilled half the apples off my plate, I bent over to pick them up and put them back on my plate as I had no where else to put them, then noticed that the lizard wasn't moving and was dark. I picked him up and flushed him as the poor thing died as a result from the pest chemicals, then realized that my whole apple was ruined since the half I dropped was put on the plate with the good half, and I was taking any chances of consuming pest chemicals after I saw what it did to the poor little lizard......I didn't want for him to die. If I had caught him earlier I would have put him back outside. I was kind of hoping that maybe he had already found his way out since I hadn't seen him in days, but I guess not. =(
  • Not sure why, but for the last 2 months I've been receiving Better Homes and Gardens magazine (according to the label I have a subscription till Dec. 09) and I've found lots of interesting, yummy looking recipes in it.
  • I got my Community Education course guide in the mail yesterday, and found 3 courses I want to take this spring: a 3 week Scrapbooking course; a 7 week Adobe Photoshop course; & a 7 week Digital Photography course. Classes don't begin till March, but I am ready now as I've been waiting months for this!
  • I'm glad to find spurts of regular television coming back here and there, as well as new show seasons like - Cashmere Mafia, the returning of Dirt (soon) & Medium (to name a few), and the 2 new episodes of Chuck tonight! I just can't believe that this whole stupid Writer's Strike is still going on. Give them thier 4 cents already and end this!
  • Sometime in the next month or two I will be participating in a Circle Journal scrapbook ring (for the 1st time!) with some wonderful women I met through The CJ's are slightly twisted and dirty, as the group is called the Dirty Rotten Scrappers. I am so excited about this and can't wait to start!
  • Almost forgot - you'll notice that I made some changes to my blog and there are ads on it now. I'm testing Ad Sense to see if money really can be made from it. So feel free to click on the links, they're not a scam!

Oh and one last thing - I am in such shock and disbelief about this whole Health Ledger death. I don't believe the man would take his own life, as he had so much to live for due to his 2 y/o daughter. It's all so sad! I really loved him in 10 Things I hate About You and The Patriot.

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