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Happy 2008!!!!!!!

Went back to the French Quarter today to buy my sis in Hawaii some UH/Sugar Bowl gear. The Marriott on Canal street was giving out a UH Warrior's helmet shaped personal hand-fan. The also were giving out beads that said "H" on them. I had hard time getting my hands on either, as they would only give them out to people who were attending the game. However for most season ticket holders, they couldn't get tickets to the game as UH gave Georgia the option to have a BIG share of their allotted tickets since more people from Georgia will attend the game, as Georgia fans can easily drive here. However, as personally being down in the French Quarter, there were A LOT of UH fans down there, and they were buying everything they could get their hands on. I couldn't find any beads, but I did get 2 shirts, a hat, and a feather boa - plus I ended up talking the guy from The Marriott into giving me a fan and beads. I explained how tickets weren't a possibility as they gave Georgia/Louisiana like 4000 tickets! That didn't work on the bead guy, although I did sweet talk a fan out of an employee. The guy with the beads was VERY persistent. I even flashed him my Hawaiian band, that has my name in Hawaiian. Finally he caved, which was great as there wasn't a single place that sold UH beads!

Outside I was lucky enough to meet one of the players - or at least that is what I was told. They told me his name was Big Boy. I honestly don't know, but maybe someone who DOES KNOW HIM can comment??

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