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Wow, it's almost 2008

I have this post I am working on, as a year end review of the best and worst of 2007 - however there is still much work to be done to it and we are heading back down to the French Quarter this afternoon. We want to pick up some UH Sugarbowl stuff for my sister who wanted to come so bad, but couldn't.

So hopefully tonight I will finish my prior post on the events of 2007 - but I can tell you that personally speaking my 2 "BEST" moments of 2007 happened just a few days ago.

1) getting a Chase Disney Rewards Card. It has a $5k limit, earns 1% rewards back as DDRD (Disney Dream Reward Dollars) that can be used on all sorts of Disney stuff - a must have living this close to Disney World! Besides, who doesn't like a card with a reward? This may be kind of a silly "BEST", but it surprised me and made my day, therefore it qualifies to me!
2) finding out that my bestest friend in the whole wide world, whom I've known more than half my life, went to school with since 6th grade, and haven't seen in nearly 12 years (since we both live in different states, are married, and have kids - though hers is younger than mine......) has FINALLY gotten an internet connection and has email. This to me is definitely one of the "BEST" for 2007! I'm always so excited to hear from her, but now she can keep up to date on my blog and recent pictures and videos I post. WooHoo!!!!

So as for the rest I will hopefully get to it tonight, as now I must go get ready to leave. But for now, Happy New Year, or at least New Year's Eve. Go Get your party on, just don't drive!

Happy New Year

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