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I just had a moment....

Ok, so everyone knows that I have this list of know, like as on Friends - the 5 people you could sleep with if ever the chance & it would be okay with the hubby cause he has his list. Kinda like a get out of marriage (for one night) free card. So I've mentioned in the past Viggo Mortenson, although I have more of a "thing" for Ashton Kutcher, Orlando Bloom, Patrick Dempsey, sometimes Nick Lachey, other times I come up with fresh faces, like Emile Hirsch (although he is a bit younger I suppose) or the guy from Chuck - he's a cutie, and it shows to bring out my "inner" geek. Well I was checking out IMDB for the movie Eastern Promises in which Viggo has a nude fight scene. Well if you've ever been to IMDB you know it is chock full of info - like did you know he was in Witness with Harrison Ford, or A Perfect Murder? Both are old movies, before I even knew who he was. This was pre-LOTR. Just like I learned the guy that played Gimli in LOTR was also in 2 Indy Jones movies. My God he looks so different when he's not portrayed as a dwarf!

Anyway, I learned on IMDB that Viggo is 49! Now I know Patrick Dempsey is a bit older than me (he's 41 - so 8 years), but most of my celeb-crushes are around my age. But 49! Holy crap! Never have I found a man old enough to be my daddy so freaken sexy. I mean c'mon, have you ever wanted to screw someone 15 years older than you? Okay, so he's not exactly old enough to be my dad, but 15 years is still quite an age gap - and NO I DO NOT have a daddy complex! In fact, I used to have a rule no one over 30, but I had to revise it considering my hubby is 34 and I am 33. I'm no cradle robber either! I'm just blown away by the fact that he is that old, cause he looks damn hot for his age! I'm just in shock!!

What about you, do you have a list of 5? Do you harbor celeb-crushes, and if so who? Are they older than you? Is it okay to crush on someone 15 years your senior?

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Valerie said...

mine will likely get me in trouble with the police...when we saw Hairspray the movie and i saw Zak Efron 1960s style...holy freaking crap! i get it now, why my 15YO niece LOVES him.

i do, too...but only when he's 60s style, if he isn't, i'm not interested. weird, huh?