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It's all set

Went to my Surgeon's office yesterday to fill out all my pre-op paperwork, then headed to the hospital for my labs and to have a chat with the anesthesia department.
Of course along the way I had lots of stops to make. One of which was to buy Natalie a new mattress. At first I wasn't too sure if she had enough room in her current location. Even though her room is a whopping 20x18, the wall where her bed sits now isn't just a flat 18' wall. Our house is an Acadian style (4 sets of windows with a slanted roof in between) So each window section is 6' wide, she has 2 of them with a 6' closet for her toys in the slanted portion in between (she also has a 2nd closet not counted in the square footage that is for clothes!). On one side she has her bed and nightstand, the other is strictly a play area where she has a little table and toys. The rest of her furniture (a chest, mirror, dresser, trashcan, hamper, and dollhouse) is along the opposing 18' long wall, then along the 20' wall when you walk into her room between the door opening and the "play area" she has her other furniture - a desk, hutch and 2 bookcases. The size of her room, and the furniture set she has played a huge part in our decision to buy this house! So anyway, without re-arranging her room she only has so much space for a bed and her nightstand. Luckily just enough for a full size, which will at least give her a bit more room. I made sure to buy her a comfortable, quality Simmon's mattress, so it will hopefully last years -although this low end twin has been around for about 3.5 years. We picked up a bed frame, but I forgot the sheet. We'll also have to eventually look into getting a new headboard from Ashely Furniture that matches the set. But that will have to wait till after her birthday.
After getting the mattress, and having Ruben come load it in his truck, I went on to my next stop, Christmas Village. Yeah I'm still on the hunt for yard decorations. Theirs can be so expensive, but are much cheaper if you buy just the frame. Besides, Nina told me that she had some lights I could use if I bought the frames. Of course these people have no idea what's going on. They didn't know what was in stock or what was sold - so I'm waiting for a call back from them. Hopefully it will be soon, since Christmas IS in a few weeks!
From there I headed over to Esplande Mall. I had to have my jewelry inspected per the ESP, plus I had to send my diamond tennis bracelet off for repairs. The last time I sent it in to have the clasp repaired, and a link fixed I ended up losing a diamond in less than a week. So much for inspections! So for the last 6 months I have not worn the bracelet, because I don't go to Kenner much - it's about a 25 mile drive for me one way. Also I wanted to complain about the sizing they did on my wedding set. First off they didn't make it small enough. Secondly they did a crappy job which left the gold worn and thinning, as well as indentation marks from where they cut the rings and soldered it back together. I expected better quality of work, cause what I ended up with is reminiscent of a Flea Market job. However as bad as a job they did, I did not have them repair the rings as they are telling me that even with my ESP, I will have to pay $135 per band to have it fixed and filled. You would think my jewelry was bought from Zales. I expected more from Kay's as a VIP customer, but I guess from now on we'll buy my things at Jared or Aucoin Hart Jewelers!
Finally after all that running around I made it to Kenner Regional and did all my pre-op stuff. I'm all set for surgery on the 10th, but I don't know what time yet. They'll call me on Friday to let me know what time I have to be there. I'm sure it will be near the crack of dawn - it always it!
Also - I posted lots of pictures on Flickr of our neighbor's yard decorations. I wanted to re-do some of our own yard work today, but it's downright chilly out, but that's to be expected for a temp of 49. Anf to think just a few days ago it was 80 out. This is some crazy weather!

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