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Mental Constipation

Was checking out Lora's Blog earlier, where I happened to pick up a new link among other things. The Urban Dictionary , is definitely not your Merriam-Webster Dictionary. In fact, the Urban Dictionary is a slang dictionary containing YOUR definitions. I can actually see the need for a reference item such as this - especially in today's society which is laden with Reality TV, Sidekick's, Internet, and email/text messages. As I browsed the site I came across this:

  • mental constipation
    An inability to articulate one's thoughts or ideas, resulting in significant psychological distress and frustration.

An example of Mental Constipation is:

Mark: "So, you know, it's like... uh, er... damn, you know, that, uh... thing!"

Dave: "Yeesh. It's too bad that they don't make a laxative for mental constipation!"

This slang term and definition was perfectly clear to me. Some people I know - myself included, has suffered from some sort of Verbal Diarrhea. The kind where you run at the mouth, excessively. But the slang definition for Mental Constipation so accurately describes me post chemo. It's so funny that I can relate to this so much, and even makes me glad that there is finally a word describing my condition. I just wish that this was something my doctors would have told me about as a side effect to chemo. But it's all good now. I totally understand. Sometimes I wonder how Ruben understands half the things that come out of my mouth. Especially when maybe only every other sentence makes sense, I often combine parts from 2 different words to make a new word, and how sometimes I am at such a loss for words that I often feel like chemo reduced me to that of a 5th grader despite college education. But it's nice to finally know that there is a word for it, one that is PC.

I have this feeling I will be adding lots of "new" words to my vocabulary thanks to them. = )

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