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Online Madness

Natalie has been busy playing online checking out all her favorite sites and making sure to take care of her Webkinz - I however have a bit of a problem with the amount of traffic online, as she keeps getting kicked off the Webkinz site! They should have anticipated this "craze" and upgrade the site. It seemed all of Christmas and the day after, there was no getting on. Somewhat upsetting when you buy these little stuffed animals that come with an online game, yet you can't access it. To me it's it's just about the same as Nintendogs, the game made for Nintendo DS - Natalie has every single one made! But to her DS is kinda out, and Webkinz is the new fad. Besides learning and getting experience using a computer will be very beneficial for her. I posted some pictures on Flickr, one is posted below.

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