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Birthday round-up recap

The 4th was Natalie's 8th birthday. We spent the day doing whatever she wanted, and boy did it literally cost us! To start, I put highlights in her hair, framing her face, and made her eyebrows a little more "girlie" for her party - then we went to get more than 6 " cut off of it to make it more manageable. After getting her hair cut, she requested lunch at her favorite spot - Copeland's (which is well known here in NOLA for their cheesecake - the same people also own the Cheesecake Bistro here, and Popeye's Chicken) all I can saw is awesome food all around. Natalie had BBQ chicken w.bow-tie pasta and cheese, I had the catch of the day, which was Salmon, and Ruben had a shrimp po-boy. Lunch was followed with a slice of their 8 layer German Chocolate cake, with happy birthday written in fudge sauce. Afterward it was off to Toys R Us, or as we say, Pokemon Heaven. I thought she had gotten enough for Christmas, but it appears I was WRONG! She loaded up the cart with Pokemon items totaling $200. Then on the way home we stopped at Target so I could get some household items. We also looked into getting bikes for both Ruben and myself, but we decided we should go to a sports store instead, but it seems the bikes are near the toys, and more Pokemon were found. We let her get 3 that were new, and an assortment of card packs - but drew the line at that, since that alone was $100. Throw in the lunch we had, and she had one hell of a day. I posted lots of new picture online at Flickr.

So fast forward to Saturday. I picked up her cake and a few last minute items and met Ruben over at the bowling alley. At first there was that fear that no one would show up cause no one was early, but the invites said 130 - 330, and right about 145 they all piled in. Well maybe not ALL. Seems no one from school came, but with the 2 weeks they just had off, they more than likely forgot. Next year we'll hold her party mid-month. The important thing was that the majority of her neighborhood friends showed up, and some who couldn't make it sent gifts anyway! She had so much fun bowling with all her bestest buds, and got some really great gifts. She got 3 more Webkinz, a Fur Real Tiger cub, lots of Pokemon movies, and the High School Musical series - and of course Rockband special edition set (drums, guitar, microphone & game) for the PS3, and Guitar Hero III for the Wii from Mom & Dad.......of course we had all the dads there saying they wanted to come by later and play, LOL! Yeah, I know, we have one spoiled child! Couldn't imagine having 2 of them, and thankfully things have a way of working out perfectly. But hey, what can I say - her parents lead lives of excess (with all my cameras, computers, and scrapbooking needs and his blu-ray dvd, HD dvd, and HD tv's - among other things) so it's only natural that she too lead a life of excess = ) at least a little.

Anyway, like I said there are TONS of new pix on Flickr, so check them out and enjoy them. I have a few other posts to finish up, then on to the treadmill while Nat showers for school tomorrow. Ruben left just a bit ago, as he's outta town till Wednesday - but don't worry about us, we live in a safe area, and even if there was a problem, I have a loaded 9 right here and that makes me feel real safe.

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