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Birthday Surprise

Woke up at 9am to Ruben bringing me breakfast in bed. What a wonderful way to start my birthday. It may not have been a phone call at 4:52, but equally as special - not to mention the fact I got to sleep in for a bit. We have plans today to go to the Shangria-La Mardi Gras parade since Ruben's co-worker will be riding in it, then later we'll go out for a nice dinner.

After breakfast was over, I was totally surprised by a gift (I said NO gifts, cause I buy what I want when I want) but Ruben decided to surprise me anyway. I posted some pictures on Flickr, as well as one below. (oh this is me fresh out of bed, like the hair?lol)

My gift was a Polaroid digital frame and camera set. The man knows how I love my cameras and pictures!

I got 3 cards, but I have to share the one from our dog Lexie with you:
I wouldn't call you old - But I bet you've been off Puppy Chow for a while! - LOL! So cute.
Natalie's cards was musical with yodeling, it cracked me up. Ruben's card was a long sweet card about how I DON'T look old.

Also, this is a pix taken with the new camera - What do you think?

I'll share more later - after the parade and dinner. Pray it doesn't rain!!

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The camera seems to be great :)