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Saturday Goodness

For some odd reason, I was up at the crack of dawn yesterday - the crack being about 7-ish. Natalie woke up soon after, and I got the hair brained idea that I wanted to go out for breakfast at the Cracker Barrel - which is this delicious country diner/store. Only problem is the closest one is about an hour from here, in Baton Rouge. I was so desperately craving scrambled eggs, bacon, and strawberry pancakes - only problem, the strawberries aren't in season. So on the side I tried blackberries instead, and oh my god, they were so heavenly! It's my new favorite I think! Afterwards we walked around a complete outlet center, cause we definitely needed to walk off breakfast! While there we bought some new knife sets, new shoes for Natalie, then headed over to the mall to look for some Luggs for Ruben. We must have walked around that mall about 3 times, and never found a single pair.

Yeah, I know the whole trip goes against my new resolution/goal of spending less/saving more - but we didn't want to drive an hour JUST to eat breakfast. Next time we'll have to try the Waffle House down the street, or maybe Dot's Diner. I wish they'd build a Cracker Barrel near here, but that could spell trouble! There are a few places I grew up with that I miss - like Steak n' Shake, and White Castle - thought we have this Krystal Burgers here that a supposedly like White Castle, but still nothing beats a White Castle bender at 3 am after drinking all night!

I spent today sleeping in, and we'll probably have some frozen dinners to eat tonight as I don't feel like heading to the store today. My knees are killing me from all that walking yesterday! But despite the pain I still hope to get on the treadmill tonight and watch some of the shows I have in my DVR - but then again it's such a lazy Sunday!

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