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Day 4 Tamoxifen....not 3 oops.

Okkkkkkkkkkk. The side effects seem to have kicked into high gear. Here it is freezing cold - at least for the south. We got the heater cranked up, the blankie on - I even have a coat on. But then those damn hot flashes hit overdrive and I start sweating - so I uncover and take the jacket off. I'll be damned if all the sudden I'm not cold again cause the sweat on my brow was hit by the chill in the air. How is it possible to be both hot and freaken cold? The ONE side effect I was hoping to gain with this new med was WEIGHT LOSS. Of course that would require me to get off my ass, sign off the computer and actually use that treadmill we bought last year. But I can't cause I don't like sweating and I hate hot flashes, but I don't like the cold and I hate snow - so I have to live somewhere warm, but for some god forsaken reason it's been unseasonably cold here this past week. So I just can't win and I worry that this new med is destined to make me miserable or if I will adjust to it sooner or later. I guess it doesn't matter as long as it works - but fact is my hot flashes haven't been this horrible since I had my hysterectomy.
Ok, now I'm cold again, so time to put the jacket back on.
Just remember - this rant was brought to you by Tamoxifen, the breast cancer med of choice for over 30 years.


Charli said...

Hi Angi. I found your blog through Linda's which we both follow. Thanks for such a funny post that is also about illness.

I have a lupus and it's resultant kidney failure... So I'm on a newer chemo med (one that I can take at home, thank goodness).

But I like the place you have here and I look forward to reading more.

Take care!

Anonymous said...


This is Erik from Route 53. I was the day before you on the book tour.

You are about a month behind my wife on tamoxifen and while our temperature is more moderate here in San Francisco, I still do the battle of the sheets at night because of those hot flashes. They say it will get better by month 3 and that exercise will help control it. So get sweaty!!