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The Big Weekend

Sorry things have been quiet around here since my birthday. Most of
the week was pretty chill except Wednesday. I had court that morning
and just about everything went wrong - wrong parking structure, wrong
building, several blocks of walking back and forth, forgot to ask if
the ticket went on my record and didn't remember till I had gotten
back to my car. Drove to a new spot - which was by the ferry landing,
so I took my camera backpack so I could snap some pix when I was done.
Well they wouldn't let me in with it and was told to either throw it
away (yeah right! $1000 worth of camera equipment are they nuts?) or
put it back in my car - so more walking, then I had to go back into
the courtroom and talk to the judge so it was more wasted time. Then I
walked back to my car for my bag then walked to the landing to get pix
of downtown N.O. Afterwards I had an appointment at my plastic
surgeons office. He gave me another 125 cc's of saline which left me
with near 500. We're going to do two more fills then I'll be going
into surgery to get the final reconstruction done. If all goes well
we're talking in about a month. Thing is this last fill really hurt.
Hurt more than just skin stretching. I felt like my muscle was/is
ripping. Which is possible since radiation ruined it. He's likely
going to have to take a section of muscle from my back. So anyway I've
been lying around in pain.

Yesterday Ruben and I celebrated our 9th anniversary. Natalie stayed
over at a friends house last night so we went out and had a nice
dinner alone.

Today we have tickets to go to Monster Jam. We're going with our
friend from around the corner. Can't wait! Ruben and I have been to
like 6 of 'em in the past. This year we're skipping the pit party
cause it would be an all day event then and it's just too much for me
considering the pain I'm in. Oh and the worst part of this all is how
embarassing I look. My expanders have both shifted in the wrong
direction so I look completely ridiculous!

Tomorrow Ruben is making some carne asada, rice and beans for a Super
Bowl party we're going to over at our neighbors house. I'm not a huge
football fan but I love watching SB. I think it's cause the
commercials - though I am rooting for the Cards to win, and I hope one
of my squares wins me the pool. I have the 7 & 4 square and some
other. Everyone says I have the best square so cross your fingers and
wish me luck!


"Whoever said winning isn't everything never had to fight cancer"


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Heather said...

Hey girl... Do not stress over getting back to me because I know you've got tons going on. I hope that you feel better soon! Hugs, and thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog!

blushpea said...

Sorry about the pain. But wanted to wish you a Happy Anniversary!!