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Birthday Surprise

Ruben came home just a bit ago with a surprise for me. My Durango has
been cleaned inside and out, my oil changed, the nails removed from my
tires and he walked in carrying these goodies for me.

As you know he had previously bought me a laser/radar detector cause I
was caught speeding last month - he took me to the French Quarter
Saturday to eat and shop -and yesterday he served me pancakes in bed
and scrubbed my kitchen clean. Now I get another present, roses,
balloons and a cake? Damn I must be a lucky girl! I am one loved
biotch :)


Nik said...

I just noticed that you were following my blog, so I figured I'd swing by your place and see what you got going on. I'm a day late, but hope you enjoyed a very happy birthday yesterday. That cake looks yum!

Heather said...

You are such a lucky duck... Palm tree pose? LOL

blushpea said...

So awesome that he pampered you so well on your birthday. Both of you are lucky to have one another! :)