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Wasting time

I got to my plastic surgeons office way too early today - so I thought
I'd share my dermatologist appt. with you. The doctor thinks I have
Rosacea and Acne and prescribed doxycycline, finacea, and clindamycin.
We'll see if it helps any. Rosacea can flare up for months at a time
and triggers include sun, stress, heat, humidity, and sweating. Great.

Oh do you recall the "honest scrap" post I did about a month or so
ago? Well my friend emailed me yesterday to tell me that dude that
was driving well he's been on the news for like the last year. He
impersonated a police officer in a small town in MO. They gave him a
badge and gun and even went on drug raids. He was sentenced to 5 years
in prison. Well isn't that just special?

Ok hopefully I've wasted enough time and can go inside now. The lane
closure on the Huey P has really messed up my drive time and I ended
up over compensating for it...ugh. And one more thing, to everyone who
claimed the inauguration was all paid for through donations is
incorrect. Congress released near $50 million in funds for security 'n
such. Money I think truly would have been better spent on the American
people 'n fixing the economy - right?


"Whoever said winning isn't everything never had to fight cancer"


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