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The Weekend Update, The Week Ahead

Last night we spent close to 6 hours watching the Lord Of the Rings - Return Of the King extended edition and commentary. It's one of our absolute favorite movies and Ruben is all into his, err our new receiver for the surround sound that requires two more speakers we are still waiting on which will bring us to NINE speakers. How much you wanna bet we blow some windows out when it's all rigged up? Anyway, my point about that movie - though it is a spectacular film, is that the film has like 25 different points at which you think is the end. One scene even fades out, then right back in. It drags on forever, but I love the way everything is wrapped up nice and neat. I look forward to watching The Hobbit whenever it actually gets made - which in this economy who has $50 million for a film budget?

Speaking of economy - have you seen that new Allstate commercial? The one that says it opened it's doors in 1934 and has survived the 12 recessions since? TWELVE? Good God. I know we'll eventually get through this, but all I can wonder is WTF brought each one on? Greed? Power? Stupid ass Presidents? All I know is Mr. Bush certainly screwed things up for us this time, and because he has run this country into the ground, my husband and I were forced to have a discussion I hope never comes a reality. His mom mentioned moving here, yet in this economy she'll never sell the house as a friend of mine has had her house on the market for like a year. Then affording a house here will be hard - especially finding a job. She's worked at a casino for the last 15 years. The biggest casino here is in the French Quarter - 20 miles away, not some place we drive too - oh, and I forgot to mention for those of you that don't know us personally - my mother in law has never driven. His family is old school Mexican and many of the females never learned to drive. Hell I don't even know if the bus runs near here. It's all too much for me to worry about, because there are some dangerous places around here....and let's not forget the hurricanes. I don't know if I could handle 4 adult people living with us for who knows how long. But having family near would be nice. It's just a very scary thought!

Oh, and last week I was talking about computer problems - well they're not resolved yet, but I *think* Ruben's computer is hanging on by a thread. Last night it wouldn't boot up at all at first, then it would slightly but freeze or go black. Today it has booted up, frozen, recovered, and is in the process of scans right now, that aren't going anywhere. However, if he stops the tasks, it does appear to be working! What really sucks is his warranty expired last month. I fear having to purchase another laptop, let alone two. He's especially hard on his as his first had problems just after a year - it's still running and our daughter uses it now, but the dvd drive died. So we'll see what happens - but keep your fingers crossed! If we have to go back to our desktops then neither of us will be spending much time online, otherwise we'll be overheated in there......have you seen the size of our desktop monitors? They are HUGE, and they put out so much heat!

Here's a little humor for ya if you've been following me. We got our humidor and the cigar cutter Friday - and then the "cigars" showed up. Well the Havana Honeys Ruben bought...some vanilla flavored cigars he's had in the past - well there was a little mis-understanding with what he was ordering - and I as an ex-smoker should have realized what was actually being bought. We ended up with 2 CARTONS of Havana Honey vanilla flavored cigarettes. 2 CARTONS! They aren't even cigars! I like them, but we both feel that it may be bad to have something like this around, cause I might smoke them more frequently than I should because of stress or something. So now we wonder how we're going to unload all these packs of cigarettes. Ugh. Maybe this whole thing was a bad idea....the vanilla tastes so good, but no matter how it's packaged or sold, it is still a cigarette and not a cigar. The difference being a cigar is something you smoke maybe once a month. Granted the cigarettes are filtered, but it's easier to smoke these bitty things cause they burn faster. Bad, bad, bad. If we can't unload them Ruben will be putting at least one carton in the trash!

Next week is going to be crazy! Tomorrow may be a holiday, but Tuesday I have an appointment with a dermatologist, plus my book review - which I'll post more on later. Wednesday I see my plastic surgeon and Natalie has a doctors appointment. Thursday I have an appointment waaayy too early over at the hospital for pain management. The problem here is that the bridge is closed to one lane, traffic is horrible, and I have NO MEDICAL RECORDS. My previous pain doctor closed his office here and never transferred over my records and no one has returned my call. I am PISSED off he's done this to me after being a patient of his for over a year. I'm hoping my rx bottles will help, but with no records I'm not sure if I'll be able to stay on the same treatment regimen. Friday the groomer is coming, thank goodness cause the dog stinks and Natalie has another doctor appointment. She's become excessively worried over the last year and we want her to talk with someone. It all started or progressed cause some kid on the bus told her I was going to die. We'll see if talking with someone other than us will help. The thought of doing all these things while my face is still healing kills me, but at least my face is still horribly scarred from whatever it is I have, for the dermatologist can see it. And if they tell me one more time to use Cetaphil, I think I might lose it!

Ok, so I know this has been a long post - but I want to say a little more about my upcoming book review. I'm very nervous going into this. As most of you have guessed by now, I'm no writer. My blogging lacks the proper use of grammar and punctuation.....and some time it includes lots of typo's. My education is a very faint memory. Chemo stole my mind, my thoughts and left me with this fog I just can't shake. My mind jumps from one topic to the next, and I forget things so easily causing me to always take notes and live life by a written list of things to do. I worry my review will be sub par - that it won't be worthy of the book for which it was written. I guess only time will tell. We'll see what kind of traffic I bring in on Tuesday, and if anyone shares their thoughts with me. This book review was a passion project for me, and is something close to my heart - cause it's supporting my cause - breast cancer. Bringing awareness to the disease - which thankfully I am free of at the time. But just cause I am in remission, it does not change things for me. Breast cancer will forever be a part of my life.

I think I have bored you enough for one day. You probably won't hear much from me next week cause it's so busy....unless I send a post from my phone. Then the following week is my 35th birthday on the 26th. I have court for my traffic accident on the 28th - fun....but at least I was let off a bit for my speeding ticket. No court, doesn't go on my record, but I paid a hefty fine - which is why Ruben bought me a radar/laser detector for my birthday. LOL. Then the 30th is my 9th anniversary - which is after my daughter's 9th birthday, but a month before the 10 year anniversary of our first "real" date. So we've got lots going on here. We're bombarded with birthdays till March.

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Heather said...

Girl you sound even busier than I am! I'm glad you've decided to bring Natalie to talk to someone. Kids are so darn mean sometimes! I hope things calm down for you soon, and happy anniversary too!