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Here's to what I hope to be a better New Year!

Hope you all had a wonderful NYE!
Last night we spent the evening sitting around a warm fire pit with some friends that live around the corner from us, we enjoyed many beers and some great fireworks. It was a bit chilly out, so the fire pit was nice - but man is the stink bad afterwards! We don't have a lot of friends around here, so it was nice being among the few we do have. The evening kicked off after we came over with a veggie platter and a bottle of Asti - they served us this nice homemade chicken lo mien type soup that was so reminiscent of something your mom would make....which is exactly what it was. Our friend's mom is here visiting, so she's the one who made this wonderful meal. As we sat around the pit and shot off artillery shell fireworks, some other neighbors came over with a dish of hummus and melba toast. At midnight Ruben popped the bottle of Asti and we traditionally rang in the New Year with a toast, hugs, and kisses and watched some serious firework show put on one street over. I mean this man had to be a professional cause they were definitely set off using electrical triggers - they went off one right after another, and none of it was anything you could buy from the tent at the parish line! I swear it was just like the 4th of July! By time we walked home it was nearly 2 am and the poor dog was scared shit less from all the noise, but we had a great time. Of course once the two girls got to playing together it wasn't long before they asked for a sleep over, so Ruben and I had the house to ourselves till nearly 3 pm today when I finally called over there and told them to send her home.
Once Natalie got home we all decided to go see a movie since we didn't get the chance to go on Christmas. On our way to the theater some asshole blazed through a red light, got hit by a car that was turning - the car spun around, came across the median and nearly hit the back end of my car. If Ruben hadn't pulled forward when he did we surely would have been hit. The whole thing scared the crap out of me, but luckily no one was injured - the only thing was this guy who caused the accident and had the side of his car smashed in, his rim bent - the tire rubbing on the car and his bumper hanging took off before anyone could do anything. At first he acted like he was going to stop, but he only stopped long enough for 2 female passengers to hop out of the car and take off running down the road - then like a complete dumb ass this guy hopped on a freeway that has no exits for 6 miles. So eventually he got caught and in the process he crossed into another parish. We stuck around to talk with the police and write a statement, which I'm sure Ruben will be subpoenaed for. I'm sure the idiot driving got several tickets as a hit and run is a felony - plus it all happening in two different parishes. I'm just curious if it was worth it. Seriously if he ran cause he had drugs or something, I truly hope he was still carrying when he got pulled over - cause I hate to think he passed it off to the girls that got out of his car. We just couldn't believe he drove away after such a serious accident. I mean I would be way too shaken up to even drive let alone think about it. The dude really had some set of balls on him to attempt to pull off what he did. I'm just glad he got caught, otherwise I would have been pissed off the rest of the night thinking he got away with what he did!
After that whole fiasco, we still got to the theater with plenty of time to spare. We went to see Marley & Me and I'll tell you I did not see that end coming at all. Half the theater was in tears. Natalie was so upset at the thought that someday that might be our dog who gets too old and sick to make it up the steps and has to be put down. Imagine explaining to your child in the theater what was going on when Marley gets put down? Man what a tear jerker - and I'll admit, I was balling cause I don't even want to think about my dog dying some day! I kinda regret not seeing Bedtime Stories - but don't get me wrong - it was a great movie. It had LOTS of funny parts. Ruben laughed so hard he had tears. We just did not know how it ended. I'm sorry I just blew the whole ending for you - but it's still worth seeing!
I'm hoping tomorrow I might hear something back on my PET scan, but I think realistically cause of the holiday I won't know anything till the following week....but you'll know when I know! I'm really hoping this will be a better year for us, as I hope it will be for everyone else!

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Heather said...

I'm so glad you had a Happy New Year. My kids are terrified of fireworks. The baby was so scared he was trembling. I can't imagine what he must've thought was going on. Poor baby.

I want to see Marley and Me too, but not until after I read the book.