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The Weekend Recap

Ruben and I decided to occasionally go ahead and indulge a bit in a shameful habit. A while back one of our neighbors brought out some small cigars which were supposedly Cuban. Personally, we both thought they tasted kind of crappy - worse than Swisher Sweets. However, every since we've both been wanting a cigar. Last night he bought an inexpensive, small humidor and a couple dozen vanilla cigars that he's had before. It's not something we plan to do all the time, but maybe only once in a while enjoy one while we're sitting around the fire pit, drinking beers. I think it's just kind of funny because I smoked for a good 10 years before I quit, and the man would knock me upside my head (figuratively speaking) if I dared to ever smoke a cigarette again - yet it's ok for me to enjoy an occasional cigar with him. Last night when we had one that he bought while out shopping, Natalie told us she was going to call the police on us for smoking. LMAO!

We spent last night catching up on some new movies we had - plus we re-watched The Dark Knight cause Ruben got a new receiver for the surround sound. Honestly I couldn't tell the difference - but then again I am deaf in one ear!
Speaking of The Dark Knight, Health Ledger won a Golden Globe for his performance in it. The director or producer accepting for him and the speech was truly tragic. He gave the performance of a lifetime. It's just so sad. If you haven't seen it I would recommend it. Ruben has become obsessed with Batman lately - buying collectible cars and bobbleheads.

Tomorrow morning I get my PET scan results. They didn't say anything one way or another, you know cause they can't give results like that over the phone. I do tend to think though if it were bad news they would have told me to bring my husband, but they did not. I'm trying not to get all worked up thinking about it. I do feel pretty positive about it, so let's hope I'm not wrong!

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