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Felon Spy

I added a new link to my page over the weekend. Ruben got it from one of his friends, and I find it amazing that a resource like this is still free. On this site you can find out if any felons live near you - and depending on the address you enter, the results may vary as I think it only pulls info with a certain radius - so try it also using an address a block away as well. It's important to know if you have convicted rapists, felons, abusers, and robbers living in your area. this way if you know who's living near you, then you can take the necessary precautions to protect your family and child. I wish I had known about this info prior to someone trying to pick her up - I'm not sure if it would have made a difference, but it certainly proves that the neighborhood you life in isn't as safe as the people around you may think!

Check it out. Felon Spy.


Heather said...

I've done it, and it terrifies me. I may never let my kids go outside again! I swear.

Lois said...

I too was fooled by FelonSpy but have found out it is a hoax. If you actually start from their homepage and then click on "Start your Search" you will get their terms and conditions. The terms state they are fake and that by accepting their terms you agree that you are over 96 years of age and that you will count to 90,000 by 3. Check it out again. Congratulations of SURVIVING CANCER!!!!!