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Last night I enrolled in a Flickr Group called 365 of 2009. It's one "self portrait" for every day of the year. You can find my set here. My face doesn't have to really be in the pictures just as long as some part of me is showing - hands, feet, etc. I'm looking forward to seeing just how creative I can get with this - and if I can really so rawly expose myself. I know right now some pix are just gonna have to be photoshopped - but maybe by doing this I can stop the subconscious scratching and picking at my face, and be acne free again. Also maybe the repulsion from looking at my fat ass will make me want to use that treadmill daily! Let's hope so! Oh and don't forget to go check out the photos I'll be posting along with all the other group members of 365 of 2009.

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Heather said...

I'm doing a version of this on my blog, only THANK God it doesn't have to be a picture of me. Just a picture a day. LOL