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Today's Headline Here in Shreveport

Picked this up this morning while I was getting our free breakfast
here at our hotel - which I must say has a very impressive spread.
Apparently they also serve a free dinner during the week. So I highly
recommend Residence Inn - though we don't have the large suite Ruben
usually gets cause we added a day at the last minute.
We're not exactly sure of the damage back home, if any. We're watching
our local Fox news on the net, but we've yet to see anything regarding
our particular area. They're saying it's come on shore as a strong cat
2 instead of the predicted cat 4 or 5. So I think this storm may have
been highly sensationalized. Though it did not hit New Orleans
directly, where we live is on the east side of the eye of the storm -
which is always hit the hardest.
They just reported that the storm shifted to the north and the eyewall
is now over Houma which is about 35 miles away from our house. Not
good for us. Suddenly I feel sick from breakfast! I wish they'd do a
local report from Luling.
I'm pretty sure almost all of our neighborhood evac'd - or at least
everyone I have phone numbers for. Most people Ruben knows evac'd as
well. He does have a friend from work that stayed. At the moment she's
ok and has power. Traffic was backed up horribly on I10 despite the
contraflow - where they opened up all lanes of traffic to go one
direction. It took some many hours just to drive to Baton Rouge an
hour away.
Keep your fingers crossed that all is well!

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LoraLoo said...

Keeping our fingers crossed for you guys!

I was born in Shreveport. :)