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This IS NOT cool

Ever since Gustav I have a new favorite blog that I read daily for news affecting my area - The St. Charles Parish Blog. Today this was posted....

Willowridge Update
St. Charles Parish residents who are signed up through EOC's telephone alert system received a message this afternoon regarding rising water in the Willowridge subdivision in Luling:

Water in the Willowridge area is rising and may continue to rise. We expect some possible street flooding due to this, but at this time we don’t anticipate any homes flooding due to the rising water.

The ring levee behind this subdivision has been experiencing seepage since this morning.

A front is now bringing winds out of the southwest, which is preventing quick receding today as had been expected. As water is receding from areas near Hwy. 90, that water is now filling the swamps and marshland behind the subdivisions south of 90 in Luling.

This just happens to be the area where we live. Though the water is not close to our home yet, it could be come morning if the winds don't change direction. Just effing great - we survive Gustav with minor damage and now we could possibily flood cause Ike hit Texas some 200 miles away. Seriously, WTF?

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