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Is it possible that I've been wrong all along?

Just left the new chemo doctors office. I'm sitting waiting at the lab
for a whole slew of tests to be done.
Before I even argued my case against chemo the doctor suggested
possibly skipping it. He said that first I need some labwork done and
he needed to brush up ok my medical history. As he thumbed through my
records he came across something that suggested that this may not be a
local recurrence. He noted that it looked as though I might have had
an amplification on my Her2 pathology from my original cancer and this
recurrence. If this is true then it's possible that this isn't a
recurrence, but a secondary occurrence - meaning it may have been a
whole new cancer.
Stumped by his observation I decided to go through my records and see
for myself just what he meant. Upon looking at my past results it
appears that I may have been wrong all along. I found things in the
reports I've never noticed before.
I'll post more later. It's time for my blood to be drawn.


"Whoever said winning isn't everything never had to fight cancer"


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Heather said...

Keep us updated Angi, I am sending prayers that it all works out!