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Heading Home

Our neighbor called last night and told us the power has been
restored. Not sure about the Waste Water Lift Stations though. I
reasly don't want the sewer to backflow - just cleaning out the fridge
will stink bad enough! Besides the hotel was costing us a fortune.
One week was almost as much as our mortgage and if that weren't bad
enough we have to buy new groceries as well. Let's hope that Ike
doesn't come here cause we can't afford to do this twice!

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Heather said...

Yeah I have no clue what I'll do if we have to evacuate again for Ike so I'm just praying like crazy that we won't have to. Try baking soda and vinegar in your fridge. Make a baking soda paste using a little water so you can spread it all over the interior of the fridge. Let it sit a few hours. Follow with a cloth soaked in vinegar. The chemical reaction helps get out the smell. Last but not least you'll need to use an antibacterial cleaner over the whole thing. I threw everything out of my fridge because I went through all of that last time. Now I have to do new groceries, but I'm not getting anything for my freezer until I'm sure Ike is NOT coming.

To answer your question about the SCAL software. It is availabe at It runs about 80. The price of one cartridge, BUT do your research and decide if you want to download it because some girls have claimed that it messed up their Cricut. I haven't had a problem, but I know Felix has heard from those who have had issues. It also voids your 1 year Cricut warrenty, and Provo Craft has figured out a way to block it if you use Design Studio on the same Cricut. Nice huh? There are lots of questions and answers about the program on the Craft Edge forum.