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A Piece of Home

Got home earlier and found LOTS of debris and branches. Our fence took
a beating. One section fell apart but all pieces were found and Ruben
already put it back together. Other parts were crooked where the wind
blew the panels around and one post sunk a bit. We have a section of
siding that is falling off the upstairs portion of the house - but I
think Danny can get up there and nail it back down. Then of course we
lost some shingles from the roof but it's not bad. The neighbors
across the street lost quite a bit right down to the bare wood.
After unpacking the car we started on cleaning up the yard. Ruben ran
up the street and dumped the old food. Still gotta scrub the fridge
but we're too tired tonight. It seems the cable is working ok so we're
watching Ike closely.
All in all we fared quite well. We consider ourselves very lucky!
Just hoping to not have to repeat all this again in a week!


LoraLoo said...

Glad you guys got home safely and that it wasn't too bad!! Will keep you in our thoughts - hoping you DON'T have to do this again!

Heather said...

I am so glad that you made it home with only a little damage! I posted a different comment telling you what was recommended for the fridge after Katrina. =0) I'm praying for no Ike!