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Just wanted to show off some pictures -

The first is the picture I took Wednesday night just after I pulled Natalie's 9th loose tooth.

Then we have the scrap layout I did today @ the Book Of Me class.

Lastly, is a picture of this beauty I found on my way home. It's my first, so I had to share - I've been waiting for a year to actually see one of these - and YES they do live close to us. I found this one down on Highway 90 by a little fishing shack Pier 90. Luckily it's miles away - and dead!

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Heather said...

For some reason, I'm convinced that layout is the most awesome one I've seen. Hehehe

Ooooh I hate loose teeth, my DH is a weenie and makes me be the bad one who helps pull them.

Ugh on the alligator. I hate them.