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Hooray For The Weekend!

Tomorrow is a *ME* day and I can't wait! I booked a scrap class over at the Mandeville Scrappersaurus store. I'm so excited because my *idol* Heather is teaching it. I've got my crop bag all packed and have printed 15 photos that I adjusted using Adobe CS2. I wasn't sure which finish would work best with the paper we're using in class, so I just printed a batch. It's been so long since I've gone to a crop or class - so it will be nice to de-stress and have an afternoon away and all to myself.
Thursday after my dentist appointment I stumbled upon Ruben at Party City and we bought our new Halloween costumes. Yay! It's going to be so much fun. Our new neighbors are trying to organize a block party, but if that doesn't work out then I'm sure we'll be returning to Imperial Woods again. We always have such a good time there. Never has Halloween been that big a deal to us till we moved here. Now I look forward to it every year! I'm just glad we got our costumes early this year!
Next week Natalie starts her guitar lessons and we are so stoked! The only bad thing about next week is Danny goes home - and it's going to be super hard on all of us to see him go after spending yet another summer here with us. As much as it's going to hurt Ruben to see him leave, I feel that he'll get over it fairly soon. Him and the new neighbor seem to be bonding quite well. It's nice to see him hanging out talking and having a beer with someone. Since we've moved so much he's lost touch with most of his friends.....and we just seem to click with these new neighbors. Again I think it's the whole southern hospitality thing that just makes them so open. Earlier this week when I encountered some problems with the school, they offered to mediate for us as they are really involved with the school.....and when Ruben bought a chainsaw to prune the trees, the neighbor insisted he return it as he has a monstrous one he loaned us to use. I'm glad that such nice people bought that house - I was afraid it would be empty forever in this market. I mean as it was, it had been for sale the whole year and a half we've live here and like some 6 months or more before that. They have a 9 y/o son, who Natalie has become fast friends with. She is such a little tomboy!
I watched that Zeitgest documentary, and found it wasn't quite as disturbing as I thought it was going to be. Ruben didn't want me to watch it - but honestly I found that it was nothing but repetitive actions that all may be just coincidences. There were only a few parts that did shock me and left me feeling outraged. But then again, who really knows if any of it is true or if it's all just speculation. It's definitely interesting! Check it out and see for yourself.

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